Moving Ideas Forward.

Dr. Mohsen Akbari is a world-renowned professor at the University of Victoria who specializes in the application of Biomedical Engineering. Every day, Dr. Akbari witness world-changing ideas pass through his lab; nevertheless, these ideas stayed within academia and never reached commercialization. After much exploration and enlisting the help of his colleague and friend Dr. Shapoor Shayegani, the duo co-founded 4M Biotech to aggregate resources and transform medical discoveries into applied technology. With the mission of bridging collective knowledge, they assembled a multidisciplinary team of acclaimed experts to develop solutions that lay at the interface of cellular biology, biomaterials, mechanical engineering, and AI. As a result, 4M Biotech has developed numerous technologies that continue to influence and shape healthcare dynamics. Today, 4M Biotech is headquartered in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, and continues to utilize cross-disciplinary collaboration to bring promising ideas to realization.

4M Biotech has identified chronic wound infection as a major world health crisis that remains unaddressed. To assist patients and wound care clinicians, Dr. Akbari and his team have pioneered a smart hydrogel dressing with infection detection capabilities. The dressing is expected to revolutionize wound care treatment and propel the future of telemedicine.