Antonia van Rijt, 

Research and Development Assistant 


Antonia is a Biomedical Engineering student who started her journey with 4M Biotech through the University of Victoria's co-op program. She enjoys the sense of community at 4M Biotech and the opportunity to collaborate with a forward-thinking team of engineers and scientists. Throughout her placement as a Research and Development Assistant, Antonia helped investigate and quantify 4M Biotech's hydrogel materials' mechanical and colorific properties. Although Antonia has completed her co-op term and is continuing her studies, she is eager to continue her research with 4M Biotech throughout her academic career. During her time at 4M Biotech, Antonia received an NSERC undergraduate research award for her hydrogel materials research. In her spare time, Antonia enjoys playing the violin and cycling during sunny seasons.

Antonia Van Rijt