Moving Ideas Forward.

In 2017, bioengineers from the University of Victoria reported designing and developing the prototype for a breakthrough technology in wound management: a hydrogel “smart wound dressing” that provides a visual mechanism for continuous monitoring of wounds or injuries. This dressing changes color in response to infection to alert the patient when it is time to seek medical care. While the patient does so, this dressing is also capable of releasing antibiotics when an infection develops to commence treatment immediately. This technology, through early detection and treatment of infections, can save lives, reduce the rate of complications or limb losses, and reduce hospital stays and costs.

4M BioTech Ltd. is a spin-off start-up company located in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia, licensed by the University of Victoria, that reserves the exclusive rights to the Intellectual Property resulting from the aforementioned invention, and is striving to save lives through bridging collective knowledge and developing solutions that lay at the interface of cellular biology, biomaterials, mechanical engineering, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our main strength is our multidisciplinary team of acclaimed experts who are passionate about using their knowledge and expertise to find technological solutions for major world health crises that remain unaddressed.